What is waxing? What are the benefits? Why should I use wax instead of shaving?


Waxing is the process of plucking and using strings to effectively remove hair from the roots.. Waxing originated in Egypt. In 1150 BC, it was announced in the harem of Ramesses III that a woman’s body was soft and hairless. It is possible that body hair removal was first practiced in Egypt, dating back to 3000 BC. The areas that concern me the most are the legs and arms.


Since the 1980s, the number of women practicing body hair removal has increased. Today, secret hair removal (known in Brazil) is the second most popular after legs, armpits, face and back.


Will my hair be thicker, darker or heavier?


No no. Waxing removes hair to the roots, which often weakens the roots. So, if you epilate, your hair will become thinner and thinner if you epilate regularly. What are the benefits? Smooth and even skin. One of the best things about waxing is that your skin feels smooth and even. You can opt brazilian wax, not only does it remove unwanted hair during waxing, but it also sloughs off dry, dead skin in the process. The Evellere mission is to make every woman feel strong, confident and beautiful. If you want to be gorgeous from there, you have to visit here! 


No cuts. Waxing eliminates the risk of cuts or nicks that can leave inches of shaving.


Beardless Skin – Waxing completely removes unwanted hair from the roots. In contrast, shaving affects the beard, making the skin rough and rough.


No allergies and allergies. The waxing process contains fewer chemicals, so waxing is less likely to cause skin irritation or allergies. slow hair growth. Hair regeneration after epilation is very slow and usually takes 4-6 weeks. Also, many people say their hair is thinner after it grows out.


Waxing is much better than other types of hair removal. A great way to remove large hairs all at once. That’s a long way to go because hair in the waxed area doesn’t grow back for 2-8 weeks. Hair removal cream removes hair from the scalp, not the roots, when epilating or depilating. In a few days, the hair will reappear in place. With this procedure, the hair tends to grow back into coarse stumps. Areas waxed repeatedly over a long period of time often show softer regrowth. May our skin be smooth, hairless!  

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