Utilising Competitive Intelligence Tools For PPC Marketing

Competitive Intelligence is the process of acquiring and studying competitive data from sources that are widely available, in order to help achieve the main aim of the organization. CI assimilates random information into accurate, relevant and useful knowledge about competitors, capabilities, performance and position. Competitive Intelligence also relates to information that has been thoroughly researched so that it facilitates decision making. An Competitive Intelligence tools for PPC marketing can be an effective way to make business decisions.

What Is PPC Marketing?

PPC marketing is an advertising method used competitive intelligence by websites, search engines and advertising networks. It is a simple and inexpensive method for an organization to advertise its product or service to a targeted audience. The website owner only needs to be paid for every ‘click’ of your embedded link and so the term ‘pay per click’. Pay Per Click advertising is a great marketing tool that helps in increasing the traffic to your website. Pay Per Click marketing has now become the norm for getting assured top search engine positions in most of the top search engines such as MSN, Yahoo! and Google. When handled correctly, Pay Per Click campaigns are extremely beneficial as they require no additional changes to a site’s current content or appearance to get top positions.

Competitive Intelligence Tools

Tools such as Hitwise and NicheBot can be used in the process of Competitive Intelligence to collect and analyze information about competitors. Such Competitive Intelligence tools for PPC marketing help you to oversee your competition and also study the effect of your PPC marketing efforts on the competition.

How Does Competitive Intelligence Help In PPC Marketing?

Using Competitive Intelligence tools for PPC marketing can be useful as marketing strategies can be decided based on the information acquired from Competitive Intelligence procedures. CI can also be used to collect information such as which are the keywords that attract more traffic to competing sites, which are the sites directing more traffic to your competitors, which are the search terms that are of interest to your competitors and so on. Making use of Competitive Intelligence tools for PPC marketing greatly enhances the marketing strategy adopted by an organization. If you have not been using CI tools up till now, you need to start immediately to stand apart from the crowd of PPC marketers.