UK Citizenship By Investment

The United Kingdom has not only offered its hospitality to serious business entrepreneurs and investors as a way to improve the economy of the country and boost its economy, but also invites foreigners to settle in the country. There is a clause in which foreign nationals that enter the country for business reasons can be eligible for citizenship by investments. The applicant is able to apply for permanent residence after a period of for five years within the English country, but prior to you can apply, you must prepare the necessary documents to be eligible to be eligible. There are two primary ways to accomplish this citizenship by investment.

  1. Tier 1 Investor Category

If you’re looking to establish an enterprise within the United Kingdom and to obtain citizenship through investments, the most popular choice is to apply for the investor category. The applicant needs access to a minimum of PS1million investment funds as well as PS2 million of assets. The money should be held in a licensed institution located overseas or within the United Kingdom at the time of application. At minimum, PS750,000 of the total investment funds have to be invested in bonds issued by the government as well as share capital. It must be put into a 5 year period. The applicant isn’t required to hold a job offer. But, he or she is required to provide the capacity and intent to invest.

The system is based on points within the UK to determine your eligibility to apply for Tier 1 investor. You must earn a minimum of 75 points to apply. Because of the greater standards for investment fund, applicants who apply for this category of investment are exempt from the English requirement for the language as well as maintenance obligations.

  1. Tier 1 Entrepreneur Category

If you don’t have enough investment funds to be eligible to be a part of the investor category however you’re contemplating having a UK nationality, you may submit an application to the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. It comes with lower financial requirements of PS50,000 investment funds. The applicant must be full-time employed in the company that he’s set up or in the company he invested in. If the funds are not sufficient Two applicants can form an entrepreneurial group and share the funding to support the application.

To be eligible in the Entrepreneur visa, you must pass a standardized English test in order to demonstrate your ability to speak your English language. It is also necessary demonstrate your capacity to provide for your family and yourself in Britain. United Kingdom. With an entrepreneurial visa you will be able to stay in the country for three years and four months. The time frame is able to be extended further.

The visa programs for entrepreneurs and investors have been designed to allow investors from outside Europe to enter the European Union. Both applications can be made by anyone who is not a resident of within the United Kingdom or currently residing in the United Kingdom on a different existing visa who wishes for a longer stay.

Great Britain offers dual citizenship. Therefore, you won’t be required to surrender your citizenship when you want to apply for British citizenship. After you’ve been granted approval to apply for ILR or permanent residence, you are allowed to travel within and out of the UK. However, you must not be able to stay for two consecutive years outside of UK.