The Ebbert Law Firm: How they can help you

Are you looking for legal help? Are you suffering from a legal problem that requires proper advice? Then you should find a good law firm. If you are a Knoxville resident, you can quickly contact The Ebbert Law Firm for legal help. A law firm is a business entity formed by a group of lawyers engaged in law practice.

Advantages of hiring the Ebbert Law Firm

Eric Ebbert, owner of the Ebbert Law Firm, has immersed himself in the legal field since 1996 and has been serving the East Tennessee community for nearly as long. He created the law firm in 2020. Since then, he and his group have been successfully providing the best legal services to a large number of clients in the area.

  • This law firm recruits highly qualified lawyers who have deep knowledge and in-depth knowledge of law in Tennessee. They provide more specialized services to the clients under one roof.
  • They provide their best service to every client with care, respect, and professionalism because their main job is to fight for clients’ rights, win their cases, and move them forward.
  • The main aim of this law firm is to work for clients. So they try to offer affordable hourly rates. According to the requirements of clients, they also offer flat fees and contingency fees for clients. Restoring peace of mind to clients is also among their main tasks.

Their expertise:

  •         Employment & Business Law

The main task of this specialized law firm is to help employers navigate state and federal employment laws. They also work for employees. They also protect employers from legal complications, discrimination, workplace harassment, wage problems, overtime violation complaints, etc.

  • Nursing Home Negligence

This law firm acts for those who are accused of nursing home negligence. Most nursing home negligence cases are caused by incompetent staff. For those who are considering legal action for this nursing home’s incompetence, this law entity is the ideal place for them.

  • Hoa Law

The full form of HOA is homeowners’ association. Some of the attorneys at this law firm specialize in HOA community associations, with the ability to help with almost everything from amending CC&Rs to collections. As a result, lawsuits can be easily avoided. Also, if needed, these attorneys also provide legal representation.

  • The probate process and preparation power of attorney

Highly knowledgeable attorneys run this specialized law firm, so you will not get any complex plan for your problem here. They try to understand their clients’ legal options with simple procedures.

You cannot be disappointed if you want durable powers of attorney for healthcare living wills. They also help people navigate the probate process for their family members or others who have passed.

  • Identify the Social Security Disability and solve

They have experience winning about 80% of cases. In most cases, they win more at an administrative hearing than at an initial application or first appeal. They are able to make the best argument for you to get the required benefits.

  • Solve the Employment Discrimination

Employment Discrimination can occur in different ways, including payment, promotions, job assignments, termination, training opportunities, etc. The Ebbert Law Firm is ready to help you in almost any case.