The Art of Beauty Blogs: How to Start

Cosmetics, skincare products, and a myriad of other items related to beauty are popular niches in the world of blogging. People are turning to these blogs to read reviews of the product they are considering purchasing, and businesses or PR agencies seek advice with bloggers who can help spread positive word of mouth and create a name for their products or brands. This is a win-win scenario for all parties who are involved: for the customer since it helps her decide if the product is right in her eyes, it helps the business to build a following and increase sales, and most importantly for the blogger as blogging could earn huge money through affiliate and brand partnerships and offer endless opportunities if done correctly. For you to start your blogging journey There are some helpful tips you should know.


“Female” or “woman” are complex terms. In reality, the word “woman” is a vast area. There’s beauty, fashion shopping, motherhood, relationship food and many more. Find out which of the subjects you are most interested in writing about. If you believe that you can deal with all female-related issues take it on. But if you’re doubtful of your commitment to time money or the ability to be a an expert in blogging, pick the one that is closest you. By doing this, you’ll be able to concentrate on your blog and make it more frequent. personal blog

Web Layout, Domain and Blog

The design of your blog is an important role in attracting people’s attention and growing followers. For bloggers who are new to blogging it’s a great idea to begin with basic platforms like WordPress as well as blogger, tumblr and. In this way, you’ll be able to determine the best practices or methods to use without spending a lot of money.

When you’re ready for the best domain for your blog make an inventory (even only a quick note) of domains that are suitable for your particular niche. Picking a domain far from the niche you are in can hurt your website’s rank later on, so make sure that the domain you choose can let readers know the subject matter of your blog.

If you are thinking of blogging about various female-related things you might want to create separate domains for each subject. One example is a domain for beauty and another for fashion, so that you can maintain consistency and avoid confusing users as well as Google.


Your blog posts must be consistent if you want your blog to be ranked. If you can post every day, the better since crawlers appreciate new and original content. A posting schedule of twice or thrice per week isn’t a bad idea, however. You could also plan your posts when you know that you will not be online or have other activities to complete in the days that are to come.

When you write a review, make it as specific and precise as you possibly can. Do not just mention the price of the product as well as the place in which it is available or the claims of the product and description. It is essential to tell what you think of the product, the way it affects your hair or skin and how long it will take before effects are evident and, of course, if you have negative results. When you are sharing your results regardless of whether it’s positive or negative it’s not enough simply affirm, “Oh my I love this facial wash!” or “This lipstick is awful!” It is important to be professional and professional when offering your opinion to earn the trust of your customers.


A photograph can be worth the words claim. Thus, including one or two images of the product you’re looking at would be great. In addition to improving the aesthetics of your blog and bringing readers a better understanding of the product. It doesn’t require a powerful camera or formal photography classes to create stunning photos. Learn from bloggers by reading their blogs and don’t hesitate to ask for advice from them.

Additionally, you must reduce the size of your images to ensure that they don’t take excessive time in loading the page.

Advertising, Affiliates, and Sponsorship

Many consider blogs to be an opportunity to have fun and there are people who have the opportunity to earn money doing what they enjoy. This is possible through advertising on your blog and registering with affiliate programs. Brand sponsorships will come later on when you’ve built your website and gained the trust of many readers. To advertise, you should consider getting involved with Google AdSense, Adbrite and Chitika and Amazon or ClickBank for affiliate programs.

The process of increasing the rank of your website is a different story! It’s not as simple as you imagine, but it’s possible so that you don’t stop learning. It is worthy of a different post I’ll be writing in the coming days.