Step-by-Step Guide for Proper Hair Tying

You have many options to install hair extensions such as clip-ons or netting. The easiest and most secure method of setting up hair extensions is clip-ons. However, micro rings offer the most natural-looking, seamless extensions. It is worth doing some research to make sure you are confident in this venture. It’s not necessary to go to a salon to have hair extensions done. These kits can be made at home with a little research. Micro ring extensions can be purchased as DIY kits.

If you’re worried about spending too much money in salons for hair extensions, you can try a DIY microring extension kit. They are far cheaper. It is important to take into consideration many factors when you are considering applying hair weaves yourself water wave hair.

These are some key questions that you might want to think about:

Why do you want hair extensions? The reason you are considering hair extensions is that your hair is thin. It won’t suit clip-on extensions but can be used for micro ring extensions.

What look do your hair want? Hair extensions will give your crowning glory more life and impact. Would you like more volume and length? Perhaps you would like to change the length or cut of your hair to surprise someone special.

How much will you spend? You will find some brands more expensive than others.

Is your hair healthy enough? Extensions are not recommended for brittle hair.

This step-by step guide will show you how to insert your micro ring extensions.

It is important to wash and dry your hair before you start. After that, you will learn how the rings are woven into your hair.

Step 1. Step 1. Later, you will cover them with your hair.

Step 2. Braid your hair making cornrows. Braids should not be too tight. From the hairline, braid from the nape to the hairline. If you want, you may braid horizontally. It all depends on the style you choose to use for your extensions.

Step 3. Step 3. To make it easier to remove, the entire row should be sewn in a single length.

Step 4. Step 4. Secure your extensions by carefully going over each spot several times as you go.

Step 5. Step 5.

Step 6. Step 6.

Step 7. Style or cut your hair as desired.

The process is straightforward for those who have had previous experience with DIY weave kits. The micro ring extension is simple and allows for you to attach your hair extensions easily