Offline Mobile Games – Review the best mobile games that can be played without an internet connection.

Top Mobile Games You Can Play Offline

Spotty internet shouldn’t ruin your mobile gaming fun. Here are some of the best offline games for Android and iOS that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Monument Valley

This indie puzzle game generates stunning Jameindy minimalist 3D structures for you to navigate. Manipulating the beautiful Escher-esque architecture to guide the princess to the goal is an artistic delight. With no internet required, you can get lost in the gorgeous world anywhere.

Alto’s Adventure

This endless snowboarding runner features fluid, realistically simulated physics as you guide Alto down the mountain, jumping obstacles and performing tricks. The lighting effects at dawn, dusk and night are atmospheric even offline.

Plague Inc.

In this strategy game, you control a deadly pathogen aiming to spread across the world and wipe out humanity. Offline play allows you to try different tactics across various disease types for engaging gameplay without an internet connection.

Stardew Valley

This farming RPG simulates small town life, letting you grow crops, raise animals, mine and build relationships. The pixel art is charming and there are countless hours of content to enjoy all offline.


In this retro-pixelated roguelike, you plunge down a well while blasting enemies you encounter. The simple touch controls and procedurally-generated levels make for endless jumping action that’s perfect without any wifi.

So don’t let spotty connections stop your mobile gaming itch. With these addictive offline titles, you can immerse yourself in gameplay anywhere.