First of all, try to remember the first fight in relationship little things that your partner does. While it’s nice to receive flowers or some other sign of affection on birthdays and anniversaries, it can mean just as much if not more if you show that small things like taking out the trash or washing the dishes are appreciated. Not only will it make him feel special, but it will also tell him that you notice the things that he does to help out. This can in turn cause him to try and show how much the things that you do mean to him, and will ultimately result in a stronger relationship.

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean that you should stop going out on dates. Plan special evenings that don’t require a specific reason. If the two of you are committed to each other, then make sure that you find the time to go out simply for the sake of going out. Whether it’s a small dinner or a night on the town, it is time that’s been set aside for the two of you to simply enjoy each other’s company.

Another thing that can help to make your relationship strong is to include each other in your major decisions. Instead of just doing something, stop and ask what your partner thinks of the idea first. This is especially important if you’ve been together for a while or if you’re living together. Don’t make large purchases without at least consulting your partner, as the majority of fights in relationships both gay and straight are because of financial matters. Show your partner that you respect their opinion enough that you want to know what they think before you do something, not after.

Along those same lines, try to get your partner’s opinion and possibly even their interest when you’re considering trying out new activities. By talking over your plans, you might get them interested in the activity as well and it can become something for the two of you to do together. If they don’t enjoy the activity or aren’t interested, then they will at least know that you cared enough to ask in case they did like it.

Unfortunately, no relationship is perfect. You’ll have rough spots, and you’ll have fights. The important thing is that you try to work through these fights and disagreements reasonably. Don’t bring up things from the past, don’t say things that you know will hurt or anger your partner, and don’t try to start fights just because you’re in a bad mood. Be willing to listen to what he has to say, and set your pride aside in the name of compromise if he has a good point. Remember that you’re together because of love; let reason and love have the final word in any disagreement.