Maintaining Your Home’s Electrical Wiring Correctly

Each year, fires started by defective electrical wiring consume thousands of houses in the United States. According to the Home Electrical Fires study by the Fire Analysis and Research Division of the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 22,000 home fires between 2003 and 2007 included electrical distribution (such as wire and associated equipment, transformers, or lighting equipment) (e.g., lamps, light fixtures, light bulbs, cords, plugs). Over $700 million in direct losses, 350 fatalities, and 880 injuries were the result of the flames. According to the research, some kind of electrical malfunction or failure was to blame for 72% of the fires. The majority of house fires may be avoided if homeowners take the time to repair the electrical wiring in their residences. For all type of electrical work, one should consult with Impact Electrical.

Home fires caused by electricity often do not result from neglect on the part of the owner of the property. Many of them are really fairly responsible and operate in accordance with their best judgment; they just lack sufficient knowledge about the safety of residential electrical wiring. Few homeowners are aware that maintaining a pest-free, clean basement is just as vital as ensuring that all of the wires are always correctly connected when it comes to basement electrical wiring, for example.

The rodents, insects, and other vermin you may be unintentionally sheltering in your basement may quickly wreak havoc on your electrical wiring, greatly increasing the danger of electricity-related fires in your house, even if the wire connections are flawlessly established. Additionally, it’s crucial to regularly check the circuit breakers and fuse boxes if you reside in an older house. Better still, think about replacing the older versions of these parts with more recent variants that are better suited to withstand the higher voltages utilized in contemporary appliances.

The electrical wiring in your house should ideally be inspected every three years to ensure that it is in excellent shape and that it is still fully capable of supplying the power required for the increasing number of items you have in your home. Although it seems straightforward, the typical American household has not had their electrical wiring inspected in at least 20 years (source: National Fire Protection Association). This is one of the main causes of the high number of house fires in the US that are caused by electricity.

The fact that many homeowners decide to install and repair their own electrical wiring rather than employing a professional to handle the work is another factor contributing to the high frequency of house fires brought on by defective wiring. Although they initially save money by making this choice, it subsequently increases the chance of accidents to their house and their family. As far as possible, it is better to delegate to specialists the installation and maintenance of electrical wiring. For installation and maintainance, Impact Electrical can meet your needs.

The good news is this: By taking a few simple precautions, the majority of electricity-related fires may be easily prevented. For instance, you need to be always alert for electric risks around your house. Call an electrician straight away if a fuse box burns or if a plug ignites when you attempt to connect it into a wall socket. You should never attempt to mess with the electrical wiring in your house unless you are a licensed electrician yourself; otherwise, your laudable efforts can end up doing more harm than good. Your house and family will be better protected in the long term if you hire a professional to complete the task, which will cost you a few additional dollars.