Lessons From A Frozen Banana!


I simply like to “cover” meals that many human beings discover unacceptable. In the following recipe, lumpy cottage cheese is transformed into a delicious, high-protein dessert! Cottage cheese is useful to a healthful diet for a ramification of reasons.

The protein and important amino acid contents of cottage cheese are each high. Protein is used within the frame to make now not best muscle, however hormones, vitamin companies, and countless other materials! Furthermore, critical amino acids are the protein constructing blocks that our body can’t make by way of itself, so we need to get them from the food plan. A meal is most entire whilst it incorporates all the vital amino acids, and cottage cheese, and other forms of dairy, comprise essential amino acids in high amounts.

In addition, the importantĀ bulk frozen bananas branched-chain amino acids, and the amino acid leucine specifically, are important to gasoline working muscle and additionally offer crucial muscle-building indicators to the energetic muscle cells. Luckily, dairy products are an awesome herbal supply of leucine. This whipped berry treat is more-tasty; your guests will by no means suspect this is is wholesome or be capable of perceive your mystery- muscle-constructing factor!

Regarding the baking incidents, I had already tried baking over the years so half of-knew that the efforts I put in have been no longer well worth the results. I still gave it every other shot regardless however have ultimately normal that this is not my specialty. My Mum bakes nicely and one of my sisters creates the maximum splendid baking you’ve got ever seen or tasted. I bow to their abilties and capabilities and am simply thankful that I will now best experience their delicious bites with out putting in all that attempt.


1 sixteen oztub (no-salt-introduced) low-fats cottage cheese

1 Ā½ cups frozen blended berries

1 cup frozen bananas chopped, slightly thawed

8 packets synthetic sweetener


1. Combine all ingredients in a meals processor.

2. Blend till smooth.

Three. Enjoy at once!

Serves four (1 cup)

Nutrition per serving: one hundred thirty calories, 15g protein, 18g carb, 2g fiber, 1g fat, 0.5g sat fat, 40mg sodium, 315mg potassium, 50 IU Vitamin A, 25mg Vitamin C, 70mg calcium,

It doesn’t make me unhappy that I cannot bake due to the fact I understand that I am accurate at many different things. Why take a look at what you cannot do instead of what you may do. We all have precise capabilities and shine at something. It’s higher to rejoice others successes and concentrate on being amazing in the regions you’re fine at.

The final lesson today is that it’s far smart to do some studies earlier than you jump into whatever knew. If you’ve got a few floor guidelines before assignment whatever new then fulfillment is more likely. Had I Googled “Freezing Bananas” at the internet previous to tossing them inside the freezer I might have learned that peeling them first is the excellent concept!