Learn How To Kiteboard Kitesurf Snowkite

The difference, for instance, can be paying 100 USD an hour in Dubai while paying USD an hour elsewhere. However, in general, most individuals invest around 500 to 800 USD into kitesurfing lessons to get a complete course and reach a certain independent level. It is not hard to learn, but it is very technical because we deal here with specific equipment designed to harness nothing less than the power of the wind. You might be done with your current lessons, but in kiteboarding, you are never done learning! Even if your lessons are over, you might not be ready to go kitesurfing on your own.

How much time and money does it take to learn kitesurfing?

Once you have all the details set – book your flights and lessons beforehand to ensure and guarantee a fun kite trip. As with the lessons – buying kitesurfing kitesurf kursus equipment will vary per country you buy in and brand. Other factors such as importation costs and taxes vary per destination so we will stick to the common.

Flying The Kite Is A Bit Like Driving A Barge

It should fly up and as high as possible, while being centered. And check out my other articles covering everything from kit to kitesurfing locations. As you run the lines through your fingers you need to be looking and feeling for any kinks, knots, abrasions or frays in the lines. Ask an experienced kitesurfer for advice and consider replacing the lines. Hold a steering line and power line between the fingers of each hand and walk slowly towards the kite, allowing the lines to run through your fingers and separate at the same time. Firstly you have a good view of the bridles and easy access to the pig-tails you’ll be attaching the lines to.

Many people start to celebrate when they are able to perform a WATER-START, get out of the water, get on the board and ride for a few seconds. Sure enough, this moment calls for a celebration, but do you fire your kitesurfing instructor here? Learning to kitesurf should be done at a kitesurf school, but which one and what do you learn at these kite surf lessons? Mostly VWDS and IKO kite schools are good to look for. Make sure you return slow and safe because most accidents happen on and near the beach.

Make sure you don’t forget any kite gear on your trip. Make sure to check if it is allowed to kite at the spot where you are going.

To kitesurf, you’re going to need some basic equipment, including a board, kite, control bar and harness. Let’s take a look at how to choose each piece of equipment. As a final thought, where you fly your kite will affect you stance. If you ride with you kite at about 45, it will be much easier to drop low and edge against the power, see video 2. If it’s too high you’ll feel out of control as you will be constantly lifted off your edge.

So steering is more pulling en pushing the bar, than turning. This motion looks more like riding a bike than riding a car. To understand the power of the wind and the kite we can go into the depth of the aerodynamics behind the kites, but we won’t. We just want to focus on the wind window and the basics behind that. When standing with the back into the wind you look at the area the kite can be in. Depending on the position of the kite, the power that the kite generated depends a lot.