How We’re Redefining Beauty in America Today

The beauty market, which consists of skincare, fragrance, makeup, and haircare, generated $430 billion in 2022 and is forecast to grow to $580 billion by 2027, according to the consulting firm McKinsey and Company. With some notable exceptions—78-year-old Helen Mirren has appeared in L’Oreal ads and both 56-year-old Pamela Anderson and 71-year-old Isabella Rossellini have appeared in public sans makeup—youthfulness remains the primary currency of the beauty business. However, it’s important to note that while Instagram can be a powerful tool for promoting your beauty blog, it should complement your blog rather than replace it entirely. Your blog provides a space for more in-depth content, detailed product reviews, and longer-form articles. The key is to use Instagram strategically as part of your overall content marketing strategy to attract, engage, and retain your audience while driving traffic to your blog. Patricia Bright—a YouTuber and Instagram influencer—covers lifestyle topics on her blog as well as sharing her favorite product recommendations. She’s partnered up with a number of brands in the past, including Loreal, Forbes, and BMW.

As a makeup artist who doesn’t really like wearing a ton of product, tinted moisturizers are my go-to, and I love the finish of the one from Rare Beauty. These are some fundamental questions in philosophy, at the intersection between ethics and aesthetics. That diversity in age has not been fully embraced by the beauty industry can be seen as surprising. The population is aging, after all, suggesting that “oldness,” rather than youthfulness, would gain currency as an opportunistic marketing strategy in many businesses. Other forms of physical differences—race, ethnicity, body size, and ability—have been eagerly welcomed by beauty marketers, reflecting our current and powerful inclusion and belonging movement, but diversity in age has been notably largely ignored. Sunscreen is the most important part of any skincare routine, which is why any giftee will appreciate this three-piece set with Supergoop’s cult-favorite SPFs. Thank you for sharing your expertise and providing such a comprehensive guide to launching a successful beauty blog.

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Further, the widening gap between individual body sizes and societal ideals continues to breed anxiety among young girls as they grow, highlighting the dangerous nature of beauty standards in society. Judgments of beauty seem to occupy an intermediary position between objective judgments, e.g. concerning the mass and shape of a grapefruit, and subjective likes, e.g. concerning whether the grapefruit tastes good.

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And the dermatologists who save our skin — and boost our confidence. And the politicians who work to ensure that women’s rights are, in fact, human rights.

Head over to the Allure Best of Beauty page to discover all the winning products. Oh, and if you haven’t heard, we’re putting on the first-ever Best of Beauty live event where you can meet Allure editors IRL, try out the winning products, and even go home with some beauty goodies. Testing products under strenuous conditions is the best way to truly judge their efficacy, which is why senior news editor Nicola Dall’Asen puts her batch of hairstyling products to the test while on the go. Between running from the office to events, sweating under hot studio lights, and commuting all the way home, an editor can reliably gauge just how well a product works. “I got compliments on my hair after all that, so I know that smoothing blowout cream came correct,” says Dall’Asen. Do you watch “The Morning Show” with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston? If you do, I wonder if the episode that aired last week got your nerdy beauty wheels turning!

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“Beauty has been shown to buck the trend through recessions, with the ‘lipstick effect’ showing true during many different periods of economic uncertainty,” Selvey tells me. These brands have contributed to a “luxe lipstick boom”, she says. Balmain Beauty, under Estée Lauder Companies, which is set to launch in autumn 2024.

Whether with nostalgic looks or not, beauty will facilitate unbridled experimentation for self-expression this year. Colour cosmetics will continue to bounce back post-pandemic, says Neirynck, with us “ready to tap into the latest trends and explore new product innovations”. Indeed, there is an appetite to experiment, he confirms, “may it be with multipurpose products, emerging brands or completely new looks. Think high-impact products that require little skill but allow expression of emotions through impactful looks”. While recovering from the pandemic, we’re dealing with the extortionate cost of living and energy crisis, environmental collapse, and political turmoil. All this is driving intentional spending with a desire to connect to things that feel meaningful, whether that’s with products that spark joy or do more for less – all while aligning with our evolving ethical expectations. “We can’t afford to launch something meaningless,” master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian recently told us about his plans for future products.

Yet, to truly create a seamless experience, Ben-Shabat suggests brands and retailers stop delineating between online and retail stores. Given the stay-at-home order and consumers’ focus on skincare and wellness, brands that were able to pivot to skincare did “quite well,” says Mike Chin, senior vice president, client services at Rakuten Advertising. Meanwhile, a number of beauty-centric platforms have their own strategies for making secondhand beauty safer and more comfortable for shoppers.