How to Choose Light Dimmers

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A Note on Voltage and Ratings

Low quality LED panels often feature inferior components that aren’t tested properly. If the Voltage from the mains power supply is 240v, a driver converts this to 12v or 24v to run the panel correctly. If the driver isn’t working correctly then it doesn’t convert this current and keeps the voltage at a constant level. This means the bulb will flicker and the system won’t react to overloads which means the panels are at an increased risk of burnout. The better the design of the heat sink, the more capable it is at absorbing and dispersing the heat that is produced when the light is being used.

What to expect in a standard LED warranty

Traditional bulbs are heated through filaments that got very hot. Filaments would become so overheated that they would burn out and in some instances, the filament would break. Another factor in how long LEDs can last is whether you are operating them on higher currents than what is required. If your are interested how LEDs work in detail, check out the functional principle of LEDs here.

Depending on your need and preference, you can select the warm white LED to create relaxing atmosphere. After the painful lighting installation, it is common for the people to ask why the LED lights are dim. If your recessed lights or other LED bulbs product such the annoying hum, it might indicate that you overload the circuit. For instance, if the dimmer is just support 300W LED lights but you connect over 200W luminaires, then buzzing would occur. If you buy the abnormally cheap LED lights, you will get flickering quickly. Due to the poor soldering technique of gold wire with LED chips, the intrinsic components will be loosened easily.

To further improve the uniformity, we can even use the secondary reflection to light up the area. For example, we can direct the flood lights upward to ceiling, and thus use the reflected lights to illuminate the indoor areas, such as home or sports field. So, you will get a highly uniform illumination because the ceiling acts like a diffuser that soften the lights.

This means they can keep lighting somewhere between 10,000 to 50,000 hours. Yes, LED bulbs have long lives, but remember that they are not impervious to eventual failure. But in general LED lights will last much longer than traditional bulbs. After you’ve hit the product’s L70 mark, application comes into play. It’s probably not a big deal for your lighting to be slightly dimmer, or slightly shift in color, if it’s in a warehouse. But if you run an art museum or chain of retail stores, a noticeable loss in light output orthe slightest shift in color is more than a little problematic.

High quality LED panels where the drivers, optics and LEDs all work at an optimum level could reduce running costs by 25% compared with lower cost panels. Cheap plastic heat sinks don’t work as effectively as metal heat sinks and can reduce the life expectancy of the LEDs in the panel. An LED Driver regulates the amount of power that flows through a lighting system.

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