How Should I Erase My HDD Before Giving It Away?

I went through most of what Leo said, but not the part including turning off sys files etc. There were things I didn’t want potential snoopers to find, so I downloaded a program called Eraser which does exactly what SDelete does. It wiped a lot of stuff away in a systematic and straight forward way. All in all, I am comfortable believing I left very little traces behind, but as Leo says, it really depends on how paranoid one is about the data on the machine. I’ve read many articles by experts about the theory and practice of wiping data. I don’t remember ever reading that it had the effect of making the computer faster, or that it should be done to that effect. I’d really challenge the idea that wiping free space speeds up the computer.

Read more about Nsa listed electromagnetic degausser here.

All you do is change the pointer of the file name, you do not overwrite any existing data. Eventually new data might overwrite some or all of that file. Then after that Reformat, then install the Operating System not to mention you overwite when you reinstall your Operating System too. Caveat – doesn’t work with RAID systems very well, since it needs drivers to read them. As I said before, it’s common to want to leave Windows installed as part of your gift. Unfortunately, that level of destruction also makes your gift significantly less useful. 1- 2 minutes on the degaussing machine 2- sharp scissors and about 20 minutes to make confetti.

E-Scrap Processor Caught with a FORGED R2 Certificate

There’s a third option that hasn’t gained the momentum in the mainstream media it deserves, but it has certainly gained recognition in the data security industry. Degaussing stands as the only verified method of securely wiping hard drives, and when paired with crushing, it forms an excellent one-two combo. The SDD Master is a high energy, pulse discharge hard drive eraser-equipped degausser data sanitization system that has been NSA/CSS evaluated. It is intended to provide the most comprehensive and secure magnetic media erasing available. The SDD Master’s exclusive triple erase method, which generates the strongest magnetic field of any degausser on the market, guarantees 100% full data erasure each and every time. The SDD Master should be your go-to degausser if security is a top priority; in fact, governments and security agencies all over the world choose it.

Securis Recycled 20,000 Pound of E-Waste at Community Event

If your business is looking for an e-waste recycling company, knowing that not all are created equally is esse… The typical hard drive uses a circular flat piece of metal with an iron oxide or chromium dioxide coating to create and store information.

Deploy shredders to simplify physical disk destruction once data has been removed. Technology needs to be disposed of in a safe and secure manner—you can’t just throw it away once you’re done using it, because all the information will still be on there. Encrypting your files is very important to ensure you keep your data safe, especially since the recent rise in ransomware attacks becoming more of an issue globally.

Solutions for HDD/SSD Destruction

Each station was armed with four flat-screen computer monitors on adjustable arms and a pile of target lists and IP addresses and online aliases. They were cyberwarriors, and they all sat in the kind of oversize office chairs Internet gamers settle into before a long night. Proper Data Destruction helps maintain an organization’s reputation. Mishandling data can lead to public relations nightmares and loss of trust. Tape recorders read the iron oxide to turn the data into audio, video, or other forms of data.

By the fall of 2016 there was a team, Joint Task Force ARES; there was a plan called Operation Glowing Symphony, and there were briefings — that had gone right up to the president. This account of the first night of Operation Glowing Symphony is based on interviews with half a dozen people directly involved. They were everywhere — on servers around the world, sitting right next to civilian content.