How much UV protection does an umbrella protect?

Many people probably think that umbrellas are suitable for giving as gifts, giving gifts, whether in retirement, weddings, or any other events, because giving umbrellas as a gift because umbrellas are easy to find. and can also screen its logo as well, useful it is a product that is suitable for many people because the umbrella can block UV rays. And without UV protection for you to choose

from. The umbrella blocks UV rays up to 99% and can prevent skin cancer. which is very good, the efficiency is quite high. Because the UV rays from sunlight are quite dangerous because most of Thailand has only summer. unless you have to carry an umbrella You may need to wear long-sleeved

shirts and sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage. Let’s take a closer look at how avoiding the sun should be good.

1. Should not be outdoors for a long time from 10.00-16.00 hrs. because it is the period with the most UV rays. Of course, it will cause health hazards.

2. Try to use assistive devices when you have to leave the house, such as umbrellas, sweaters, sunscreen, and hats, they can help protect you from the sun to a certain extent.

3. Choose to buy a sunscreen that can provide good sun protection, SPF 30 and PA +++ or more that has been standardized to suit each skin condition.

In addition to knowing how to avoid sunlight But one thing is very suitable for everyone. and in the homes of many That is, there are many types of umbrellas for you to choose from, such as

folding umbrellas.

It is an umbrella that is small and easy to carry. There are many colors for you to choose from. and suitable for working-age, because you can easily put the folded umbrella in your pocket Most importantly, most types of umbrellas have an umbrella sleeve to prevent the umbrella from deteriorating. It also prevents the documents in your pocket from getting wet. or sloppy Because the

folding umbrella has a size that is suitable for carrying. It is a folding umbrella that takes up less space, unlike a large

umbrella, inverted.

It is an umbrella that has been developed to be a novelty. and responds to users who can protect against UV sunlight as well Helps facilitate convenience for many people and it is also an umbrella suitable for use during the rainy season. When getting out of the car, don’t be afraid to get wet anymore. The inverted umbrella is an umbrella with a beautiful design, good looking, and modern. Also,

the price is reasonable for the materials used. Because the inverted umbrella is very strong and durable enough. Therefore, it is a distinctive feature for people to turn to use the umbrella to the other side even more.

Fan umbrella.

It is an umbrella that is very suitable for the current situation as it is an umbrella that was developed to suit the weather conditions in Thailand. And the umbrella itself can protect the sun very well. Because people see that ordinary umbrellas may not be able to control the sun. Therefore,

umbrellas were developed to keep you cool in the sun. both as sun protection And it’s also an umbrella that has a fan that moves around as well.

You see, most umbrellas are designed to be suitable for today’s people. and can protect from sunlight, wind, and rain as well It can also be used to decorate the place to be beautiful as well. And umbrellas are also easily available at leading stores, so you can chooseของชำร่วย from cheap to expensive ones.