Grow Your Addict Base How To Get Facebook Likes In 30 Days

. Whether you are in MMA, Muay Thai, BJJ, or another combat sport, you’ve heard it time and time again

. To attract guarantors you need to GROW YOUR Addict BASE.

Get further Facebook suckers, get further likes, get further, more, more!

. Moment I will show you how to do exactly that by Facebook algorithm I am going to educate you how to get over 1000 Facebook likes on your addict runner in the coming 30 days.

1000 New Facebook Suckers In The Coming 30 Days

You’ve formerly asked all your musketeers and cousins to like your runner, including your 2nd Aunt and her bingo musketeers.

Now you are all tapped out and your Facebook addict count languishes in exile, like the man in the iron mask.

Perhaps you indeed lost a couple Likes!

Does not that suck? History your Facebook addict runner likes were at”43.” Moment you check and it’s at”41.”

I remember the first time that happed to me. I could not believe it.

I was allowing,”What the heck? Why would someoneun-like my runner??”Haha.

Well, that is not commodity you will have to worry about presently, because when you are done reading this composition you will have 99 problems but losing suckers will not be one.

The stylish part? You do not have to buy anything. The only thing it costs is a little trouble. And the suckers are real. So no fake bot likes from Lithuania or wherever.

Sound unthinkable? Well belee dat, brochacho.

Now also, let’s get started.

Lets get you some suckers

Have you ever seen a Facebook addict runner shoot in likes in a matter of weeks or days?

Ever wonder how some runners have over 100k suckers?

Occasionally it can be because their post went viral, or they got good press, or they bought their likes (not recommended) or.

They did”share4shares”.

A share4share is when you make a post on your runner asking your suckers to like a different runner. And the admin of that runner does the same thing, asking his/ her suckers to like your runner.

You both incontinently increase your suckers and likes.

You also repeat this process over and over with different runners. This causes your Facebook addict base to EXPLODE.

Without a post going viral or getting media press, share4shares are the FASTEST way to grow your Facebook addict base. Within 30 days you can Fluently get 1000 suckers.

There are some Veritably IMPORTANT effects to keep in mind though;

* Only partake with runners that your own suckers reverberate with. You need to make up a base of Applicable and ENGAGED suckers. Suckers who do not reverberate with you, serve no purpose for you or guarantors. So be picky about who you share4share with.

* Only do it formerly per day maximum. If you do it more you will irk your suckers and your runner will look spammy. Perhaps indeed do it only formerly every several days. The frequence is over to you but I recommend not going past 1 share per day.

* Suppose outside the box. Your suckers are interested in further than just fighting. So what other niches could you partake with that would bring you applicable suckers? There are runners/ groups about every subject so the eventuality is unlimited.

* Stay focused. There are 45912 different effects you can do on Facebook ( give or take a couple, haha), so it’s easy to get distracted.

I will run you through the way to take.

1) Identify what makes you unique. For this illustration we’ll say you are a fighter known for pulling out slick cessions, and being a cardio beast.

2) Find other fighters who are known for enjoying analogous rates.

3) Shoot a communication to the fighter (or runner admin). Congratulate them on commodity you authentically like about them ( find commodity). Also tell them a little about yourself and your parallels to each other. Let them know you suppose your suckers would really like each others styles and you can help each other out. Also ask if they would be over for ashare4share.However, explain it to them, If they do not know what it is.

4) If they agree to share4share, make a post on your own runner. Commodity along the lines of”Hey everyone! Let’s show my friend some love. He is an stupendous MMA fighter who’s always going for delicate cessions and wears his opponents down with hisnon-stop pace. Please like his runner ( give the link to this runner).”

5) Let the person know you participated their runner. Check to make sure they partake yours as well in the same fashion. Be sure to give a link to each others runner, in your share post. By doing that Facebook will automatically colonize the post with a Like button. Which makes it easy for your suckers to like their runner.

Now just repeat those way and you are set!

I will say this again though you want Applicable and ENGAGED suckers.

So only partake with other fighters who have analogous traits to yourself.

That way you will gain suckers who like the type of fighter you are. Which means they will be applicable. And applicable suckers = suckers who are more likely to be engaged with you. A large, applicable, and engaged addict base is exactly what sponsors want fighters to have.