Essay Writing Papers How to organize your thoughts to generate the Main Arguments

in the piece Essay Paper Writing — Step 1: Organize Your Thinking to create a focused topic statement by the author, a method is described to organize your thoughts on a subject in the course assignment instructions in order to come up with an explicit statement of the assignment’s general subject. In the article, the general topic statement that was developed was “A review of a recent newspaper article about black officers serving in the U.S.military.” If there’s a clear topic statement, it is the procedure of organizing your thinking about the different aspects related to the subject. What are the steps to accomplish this essay paper writing service?

The objective of formulating the key aspects of the subject is to identify three primary points to make about the subject. What are the three primary points? The reasoning is that If a person isn’t able to provide less than 3 main arguments on a particular issue, the person does not have enough knowledge about the subject to make a good presentation, and if the person is able to provide four or more principal points, they don’t have their information organized enough to make it clear. The three main elements are the ideal number as it is one of the magic numbers in the human race. it requires three sides to make the shape of a triangle (the the simplest and most complete form) A communication is structured well when it contains three primary points. Additionally having three clearly defined primary points improves the likelihood that readers will be able to remember the points.

There are two scenarios to consider The three major aspects could be determined through an examination of the class instructions for assignments or not. In relation to the sample assignment for class in the earlier piece, these information was in the assignment instructions:

The article did try to tackle the diversity that is prevalent in American society?

* In what way did the story draw on stereotypes in depicting specific groups?

Check whether the article you chose helped to develop an understanding of multiculturalism and diversity.

From the list of items from the paper assignment example instructions, the most important items to be addressed are easy to figure out:

* discuss the diversity of cultures mentioned in the article, and then compare it to the diversity of culture in U.S.society

* explain the use of stereotypes in the article you have chosen.

Find out if the article contributed to an improved understanding of cultural diversity and the concept of multiculturalism

These are the three major elements to be included in the writing assignment on the topic in general from the assignment description.

If the directions for the assignment don’t specify the points to be included in the assignment the student may employ brainstorming. Google “brainstorming method” and take note of the numerous options for tools. The primary goal of brainstorming is to come up with ideas on the topic. The subject “black officers in the U.S.military” was identified as such, and this will be the main focus of brainstorming in this instance. To come up with ideas for this topic simply write or type the subject at the top of a blank page, and below it, begin making lists of ideas that relate to the subject. For instance, the writer could come up with the following ideas in relation to “black officers in the U.S.military:”

* the history of black officers serving in U.S.military

* percent of officers of blacks employed in U.S.military as compared to the percent of all military personnel of black color in U.S.military

* examples of performance by officers of color in the U.S.military

*Programs within the U.S.military to help promote officers from black military personnel

The challenges black officers face in the U.S.military

* programs that promote the diversity of cultures in the U.S.military

* elements of black culture within the U.S.military

Concentrate on topic-related thoughts about what was or is currently being covered in the relevant class or in any class readings you are required to read. If, in this process, there are no ideas that relate to the subject are generated You can do some preliminary research on the subject, from which ideas could be developed.

After some ideas have been identified as previously, prioritize the ideas that are related to the overall topicorganize the ideas according to what is considered to be the importance of ideas that relate to the subject. For instance, if there was a discussion in the class on “challenges confronting black officers in U.S.military,” then this author would place that topic first on an order of importance. Here is the author’s list of ideas that were generated by brainstorming the subject:

* issues facing black officers in the U.S.military

* Programs in the U.S.military to help promote officer candidates from military black personnel

* examples of performance by officers of color in the U.S.military.

The top three concepts are the three most important aspects to be included in the report on the overall topic. They are distinct from the three primary ideas derived from the assignment guidelines. The main points cannot be discovered or found, but instead are designed by the person who is writing the paper. Therefore, there is a range of primary points to be considered for any essay. But, when determining the principal points of an academic or high school paper, stay in mind what’s been mentioned or discussed during class or in the course readings.