Connecting Trains With Nomad Digital

Nomad Digital is a leading rail connectivity provider, providing fleet and passenger railway networks. With over 20 years of experience in the rail industry, Nomad can offer a comprehensive range of trackside railway connectivity solutions. Read on to discover how Nomad can help you connect trains. Also, learn about the latest developments in rail communications. We’ll explore Nomad Digital’s trackside railway network and its benefits. Listed below are some of its recent innovations.

Nomad Digital

Nomad Digital is a leading global provider of passenger and fleet rail connectivity solutions. With a portfolio that includes passenger information systems and on-board entertainment platforms, the company improves the experience of four million people per day. Nomad’s knowledge of the rail industry allows it to extract vital operational data and deliver solutions that improve operations and passenger safety. The company’s innovative solutions have also made geolocation information available for on-board devices, paving the way for other companies to use this data.

The company was founded in 2002 by Graeme Lowdon and Nigel Wallbridge. They had met while working for J2C’s Wide Area Markets division. They recognized a market opportunity in the rail industry to provide high-speed data connectivity to moving vehicles. The company is an IP connectivity provider that uses a wireless WiMax system that is highly secure and capable of operating through tunnels. Its solutions also enable the streaming of CCTV security images and real-time system checks.


Veovo, a provider of passenger flow visibility solutions, is expanding its operations in Iceland.

With five-fold growth over the past nine years, Keflavik International Airport is a vital hub for WOW Air and Icelandair. The airport is also home to Isavia, Iceland’s national air navigation service provider. By implementing Veovo’s passenger detection system, Keflavik is helping to improve public transit.

Veovo’s Passenger Density Management solution helps metro and rail operators understand passenger behavior and make informed decisions. The software combines movement sensor data with AI-powered analytics to provide live and historical insights. Operators can view the entire facility and identify potential issues to mitigate. Other benefits of Veovo’s Passenger Density Management solution include the ability to manage passenger volumes while avoiding overcrowding and fare evasion.


Alstom has signed a purchase agreement to acquire Nomad Digital, a supplier of passenger and fleet rail connectivity solutions. The deal was reached between the two companies and was worth around PS30 million. Nomad Digital employs 230 people in 13 offices globally and currently serves 80 major rail operating companies in 40 countries. As part of the deal, Alstom will continue to develop its digital infrastructure and service offerings, Offshore Banking the best customer experience and improving operational efficiency.

As a global leader in rail connectivity solutions, Alstom provides a comprehensive range of rail equipment. In addition to developing train and fleet rail connectivity solutions, the company also manages the entire transport system, including signalling and infrastructure. The company has more than 31,000 employees across the globe and is the world’s leading supplier of integrated railway systems. Its services and solutions are used in over 60 countries worldwide.


As the global leader in rail technology, Bombardier has the most diverse portfolio of products and services across the industry. From complete turnkey transit systems to e-mobility technology, the company offers integrated solutions for transportation, freight, and more. With over 100,000 rail vehicles installed around the world, Bombardier is an industry leader with global reach. Its innovative products and services are used by transit systems across 60 countries.

In the U.S., Bombardier’s commuter rail solutions are in use by the Metrolink commuter rail system, the third largest in terms of annual ridership and route miles. Bombardier is a partner with Metrolink to provide these solutions to help improve mobility, reduce pollution, and improve the quality of life. Bombardier has a rich history of creating innovative solutions for mass transit.


The latest digital train control technology from Hitachi is making its way to San Francisco. Hitachi

Rail was awarded a contract to implement the new technology – called Communications-Based Train Control – on BART trains. The result will be increased capacity and better service. BART connects the San Francisco Peninsula with Oakland, Berkeley and other cities in the East Bay area. With these innovations, Hitachi will be able to better serve its passengers.

The IoT-based technology used by Hitachi Rail will enable predictive maintenance. The company’s Perpetuum solution, for example, will use wireless condition-monitoring sensors to monitor critical train components. The data collected will help the company determine if a component is faulty. With predictive maintenance, the company can take action before a problem arises. Additionally, using this technology, train drivers will be able to avoid costly maintenance problems before they affect their passengers.


With its comprehensive range of passenger and fleet rail connectivity solutions, Knorr-Bremse is the perfect partner for rail transport operations. As a market leader in commercial vehicle and safety-critical rail systems, the company has a global presence in these fields. These connectivity solutions provide fleet managers with a host of smart services to enhance their transportation tasks. These solutions integrate various data sources to provide fleet managers with important information about their vehicles. The solutions can be retrofitted onto any type of vehicle and are also suitable for mixed fleets.

Whether a train is a commuter train or a luxury car, the company can help transport operators enhance their performance and reduce their operational costs. Its comprehensive range of connectivity solutions for rail vehicles includes complete braking systems, HVAC systems, train driver advisory systems, platform screen systems, and more. The company is committed to offering customers real benefits while lowering their costs and enabling them to make better use of their fleets.