Cape Town World Cup Transport- How to Get to the GreenPoint Stadium


At last, sanctioned information is available on Shuttles, Park- and- Lift and Walkways to reach the Cape Town Stadium on match days-hot- off- the- press from a networking session with Cape Town City operation!


In a nutshell


still, there’s no way this will be permitted, If you’re allowing of travelling in a private vehicle to the Stadium. likewise, if you’re allowing of using private stint drivers, unless they’ve registered and gained delegation with the applicable FIFA organisers, the same restrictions to pierce apply.


are tips on how to get there.( worth citation is that utmost of the transport options are free with a soccer ticket).




Stadium Shuttles operate between the main transport mecca at the Cape Town Civic Centre and two lading points at the colosseum. Shuttles will operate from 4 hours before an event until 4 hours after the time of the final whoosh. Use of this shuttle is free with a match ticket.


Special Needs shuttle service cape town This shuttle will operate from the main Civic Centre transport mecca directly into the colosseum grounds, for the use of those with mobility impairments and accompanied by one guardian only. [email protected] to bespeak a place on this shuttle.


field Shuttle The Airport Shuttle will operate daily and take people to the main Civic Centre transport mecca, from which they can take another shuttle to the colosseum on match days, or link onto an Inner City Shuttle to get to colorful corridor of the megacity. This field shuttle costs R50p.p. one way and is integrated with flight schedules to run every 6 to 30 twinkles.


Inner City Shuttle These operate on 4 indirect routes around the inner megacity. The cost of this shuttle is R8 per trip or grounded on distance travelled. There are several shuttle pick- up points on the indirect route so that callers can get around the megacity. These route charts will be available on the Cape Town City website under 2010/ Getting around.


These routes include


Civic Centre to Waterfront and Sea Point * along the Atlantic seacoast to Queens sand- cost grounded on distance travelled;

Inner City Bowl area *- cost R8 per trip and listed every 10- 30 mins;

UCT to the Civic centre( on match dates only)- Cost free of charge with match ticket;

Atlantic seacoast service( on match dates only) Houtbay to Granger bay. This is a pay as you go service grounded on the distance travelled. Please note this is good news for those travelling from Houtbay as this shuttle goes directly to the colosseum- no need to go to the Civic Centre mecca!!

* Onnon-match days and after the World Cup, the Inner City Shuttles will continue to operate as a Hop- On Hop- Off system to get around our beautiful megacity.


Park- And- Lift Transport to the megacity includes 25 Metro Rail stations with Park- and- Lift installations. 10 of these stations, especially linked as World Cup Park- and- Lift stations, will have fresh parking installations, event related conditioning, refreshments, lighting, restroom installations and security until 12h30 or 01h00 on match days. All train tickets are free, on the date of your soccer ticket.