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A family tree digital video brings your genealogy to life in ways that a chart, no matter how exciting, could never hope to. There are so many techniques and possibilities to this new technology that no two videos will be exactly alike!

Many families have already traced their genealogy and usually have very organized and visually attractive family trees. But by putting their family trees in the form of a digital video they can bring those dry facts and static photographs to life.

There are dozens of options when you decide to bring your family tree to life. Most families have dozens if not hundreds of photographs of their families, some nearly a century old, that are lying around loose or confined to photo albums. Why not bring some of those photos out of storage to enliven your family video?

When you are planning your family tree tree of life meaning digital video you will probably want to include a soundtrack of some sort and some sound effects. Choose a few songs, perhaps Aunt Sophie’s favorite for her brief appearance or a popular wedding song if you choose to make part of the video a succession of various wedding pictures or videos.

Speaking of videos, it is quite simple and inexpensive to convert your family movies to digital format so you can include parts of them in your family video. Whether your movies are on the old celluloid film, 8mm cassette tapes or other media you can convert them to digital. Some people like to do this themselves but if you’re on a budget it is less expensive to let a professional do the work. You can include snippets of the digital video in your family tree; remember that while Karen’s first recital was a proud moment for you, her final bow or a few seconds of her best performance will be enough to keep your family tree digital video interesting but not monotonous.

Interspersing still photos with videos will keep the pace interesting but you also might want to include a few documents. Johnny’s college diploma, Grandma’s nursing certificate from the 1920’s or your own marriage license will give more variety to your video and add interesting visual texture.

Music is another important aspect you should consider when planning your family video. Still photos, documents or old silent family movies will all be more interesting when you choose appropriate music to showcase them. You can choose your own favorites or a song preferred by the person being shown. A segment on your family’s outdoor activities from the early 20th century up to today could be accompanied by a classical sports song, some melodies interspersed with sound effects or a combination of both.